Atmospheric parameters
Wojciech Szewczuk & Jadwiga Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz

A grid of atmospheric parameters needed to obtain light and radial velocity variations due to linear pulsations is presented. Four photometric systems were considered: Strömgren (uvby), extended Johnson (UVBRIJHK), Geneva (UB1BB2V1VG) and BRITE (BR). We relied on the atmospheric models BSTAR2006 (Lanz & Hubeny, 2007). We make accessible photometric parameters for the whole available range of effective temperature, Teff, gravity, log g, metallicity, [m/H], microturbulence velocity, ξ, and chemical mixtures. Files begining with flux, der and LDC contain log flux, derivatives over effective temperature and gravity, non-linear limb darkening coefficients (Claret, 2000), respectively. In the case of BRITE filters additional computations were performed for the all available Kurucz LTE atmosphere models (Kurucz R. L., 2004). The file names code the model parameters according to the original Lanz & Hubeny and Kurucz notations. In the case of Geneva and BRITE photometric systems flux derivatives were not calculated.

Data for Strömgren (uvby) and extended Johnson (UVBRIJHK) photometric systems

Data for Geneva photometric system

Data for BRITE photometric system

Wojtek Szewczuk