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Ongoing Research


General Introduction:

I am interested in exploring the less understood energetic processes occurring in the solar atmosphere.

Solar Atmosphere mainly is divided in three parts:

  • Photosphere (What we see from naked eyes)
  • Chromosphere (Colorful part over the photosphere)
  • Corona (Seen only during solar Eclipse)

Solar eruptive phenomena occur in the Solar atmosphere and their study leads us to a better understanding of the Solar structure as well as indefinite type of plasma processes. A few of the solar eruptive phenomena are:

  • Solar Flares
  • Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
  • Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs)

Flare and CME:

Solar Flare is the most rapid and impulsive energy release event occurring in the atmosphere of the Sun. In a solar flare event, approximately 10^32 ergs of energy gets released in typically 1000s. The temperature of the plasma emitting this much energy is ~5-50MK and therefore best visible in EUV and X-ray waveband. Visit the presentation page for more on my work related to flares.

The energetic processes occurring during the flares are also found to be responsible for mass ejections from CORONA also known as Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).


Ongoing Research

During my thesis, I worked primarily on Energy release processes during the precursor phase of flares as well as multi-thermal characteristics of flare plasma. I am continuing such work during my present Post-Doctoral tenure. In addition, I am also involved in the investigation of photospheric continuum emission as well as detailed chromospheric h-alpha emission during flares.


Key results obtained during PhD:

I pursued my PhD on the topic "Energy Release Processes in Solar Flares". The Key results obtained during my PhD are:

1) Signature of thermal conduction during the precursor phase of flare and active role of the filament, We found substantial heating, produced by thermal conduction, during precursor phase prior to the impulsive phase emission during flares.  

2) Multi-thermal plasma during the main phase of the flare emission. Through theoretical modeling and analysis of the observed high-cadence spectra in Soft X-ray waveband, we found multi-thermal nature of the flare plasma.

3) Simultaneous onset of flare and CME phenomena explained by inner tether-cutting model. From the detailed investigation of association in flare and CME, we found that both are originated simultaneously (not systematically), during magnetic reconnection.


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