Catalog of Variable Stars in the OGLE-I Fields
from the Image Subtraction Method

The catalog contains data for 2016 variable stars found in the four OGLE-I fields, MM1-A, MM1-B, MM7-A, and MM7-B. This is the result of the reanalysis of the OGLE-I observations with the Image Subtraction / Difference Image Analysis method. The results for the other 16 OGLE-I fields will be included soon. The catalog contains:

  • Photometric time-series for all stars in the IC (DATA_I) and V filters (DATA_V),
  • The light curves in a graphical form. The IC-filter magnitudes are plotted as a function of the phase of the derived period (for periodic stars) or heliocentric Julian Day (for non-periodic stars and periodic stars with periods longer than 25 days) (PLOTS).
  • Accompanying tables (TABLES).

The variable stars are divided into 13 categories defined here. The table below gives the number of stars of a given type in the catalog.